For a week now, I’ve tried to write a new post. It’s not that I’m suffering from writer’s block or anything like that. It’s just that whatever I write, I realize it’s garbage and I don’t want to have my name associated with it. And that bring’s up an important point.

Too often, writers let their pride or their determination to get something out there get the better of them. The throw out garbage thinking their public (audience) will accept anything and everything they write. Such writers think poorly of their audience.

We’ve all see terrible movies or TV shows where we wish we could take a foam rubber bat to the writer of that movie or show. And that also applies to novels and short stories.

I once encountered a serious detective novel where the killer turned out to be from another planet. Sort of like in Predator. But the authorities, when they discovered the alien killer, were not shocked or scared at all. Certainly the mercenaries in Predator  (and later, the cops in Predator 2) were terrified and awed by the aliens. But the good guys in this really bad detective novel just took it in stride. What a waste of money. My money!

Suspension of disbelief is what every writer depends upon for fiction. While the reader or viewer is willing to put a halt on their doubt and cynicism and just accept a story, far-fetched or not, a writer can get away with almost anything. But throw in something that makes no sense at all, like an alien killer in something that’s not supposed to be science fiction, and especially when you’re not writing a parody or a comedy, and the reader says something like “yuck,” shit,” or “WTF!” (though I prefer, “What the hell!”, you can get better pitch and volume screaming “… hell!” than you can with the more guttural “,,, fuck!”), then you’ve lost your audience.

So, while this is a rather bland and boring post, it’s a lot better than a large bucket full of excrement. Besides, it’s too hot today (108 degrees fahrenheit) to get too excited about anything.

I’m just going to go back to binge-watching “The 100” or else “Longmire”.

Maybe I’ll find something better to say next time.

See you out there.

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