Sometimes You Just Gotta Get Up and Write

A couple of nights back, as I was going to bed, I began getting ideas for the novel I’ve been writing. Usually, when this happens I just quickly write them down and then go to sleep. But this time, lines of dialogue were coming to me. So I got up and went out to where my laptop sleeps when I’m sleeping. I woke it up and began writing.

My fingers literally flew over the keys. Even so, it took me two hours to write the scenes and dialogue. It was two hours well spent. The down side was, I lost two hours of sleep.

The next day, by afternoon, I was too sleepy to do anything, I had yard work to do and more writing and research to accomplish. Instead, I climbed into my recliner, planning on a power nap. But I couldn’t seem to wake up. Every fifteen or twenty minutes, I awakened wanting to rise and get to my writing. Yet I couldn’t get up. So my afternoon went. Four hours of sleep with a few minutes here and there of trying to get up but feeling too lethargic to do so.

I needed sleep. It’s too bad there’s not twenty-six hours in the day. Oh, well, it’s all good.

See you out there.

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