Long Posts are not Always Good Posts

If you been following my blog, you’ll know I kind of a preachy person. It’s what I am, I guess. But it’s only because I love writing so much and want people to do their best, and more, when they’re writing.

So, in this short and I hope, less preachy post, I want to address the qualities of a good writer.

Essentially, it just comes down to adjectives. People will say a good imagination is an important quality, and I agree with that. But dedication is also important. If you’re not dedicated to your writing, who will be? Likewise, dedication keeps you going, even when you wonder if your writing’s any good or people judge you and condemn you as being a hack or a terrible writer.

Along with dedication comes hopefulness. Not just hopefulness for riches or validation, but hopefulness that readers will enjoy your writing.

And lastly, commitment. Commitment is similar to dedication, but commitment also applies to learning everything you can about writing. Learning helps you to grow and growth is what good writing is all about.

So, that’s it for now.

See you out there.

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