Hard at work rather than hardly working

One advantage of rainy weather in California in April is that all the yard work I have to do has to wait for drier times. So I’ve had plenty of time to write. Tuesday morning I was up until almost 4 AM writing a long chapter  and Wednesday afternoon I wrote two more chapters, and a bit more. That’s nearly three thousand words in nearly 24 hours.

Today I’ve been busy with rewriting and editing those three-plus chapters. Editing isn’t just sprucing things up, fixing spelling and grammar, it’s also cutting things you don’t need and adding things that you forgot to put in.

Editing is the best part of rewriting. It’s where writing becomes a  craft rather than just telling a story to some friends. And, really, your audience is your friend.

So, when I edit and rewrite, I’m make my story the best it can be. Just like the old Army motto, “Be The Best You Can Be!”

Every story teaches me about myself and with every story, my goal is to make it the best it can be. Which helps make me the best writer I can be.

See you out there.

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