Raindrops falling on my roof…

I’m out in the little shed that I turned into an office/studio in my backyard. The rain’s pounding on my roof, what a racket! But the music on my computer is beautiful. And after 48 hours of busyness, mowing lawns and preparing for the now arrived rain storm, I’m finally about to continue working on my new novel, “Ryder Mann.”

In my most recent post, I mentioned how important it was to keep with your original vision for a story. And after writing that post, I completed my 11th chapter, on track.

Some people think that if the characters lead you away from your original story, that’s the way to go. And sometimes it is. But I have found that staying on tract keeps your vision clear.

How good would “Raiders of the Lost Ark” have been if Spielberg had decided to make it about Indiana Jones charging off into the desert to save Marian from Arab slavers instead of about keeping the Nazis from gaining control of the Ark of the Covenant? Or what would Captain America have been like if the story kept him fighting until the end of World War 2 and on into Korea and Viet Nam, rather having him frozen in a glacier and brought back to life in the 21st Century? Sure both storylines could have been good, but not as good, I think, as they were when the directors kept to their original vision.

And that’s what’s important about writing, keeping to your original vision. Sure, you have to tinker with it to make it the best it can be. That’s called editing.

And so, personally, I recommend that if you have a vision and an outline, whether written out or just in your head, keep to it. Because good stories come for deep thought and strong visions.

The public decides if its a great story. But all writers can do is the best they can.

See you out there.

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