Just a quick, short post

I’ve been stuck on Chapter 11 of my new novel, “Ryder Mann”, for the past two weeks. Everything that I’ve been writing is good, but I’m ignoring the fact that the story needs to progress forward now.

It would be easy to continue writing as I have, but then it would quickly become an entirely different story, and all the research I’ve done would be wasted; not to mention all the character work for the original story would go out the window. Also, if I let it be a different story, then I’m not being faithful to my original vision, including almost eight months of planning and preparation while finishing my previous novel.

Sometimes it’s okay to let your characters and what’s going on take over but mostly you have to possess the strength to hold to your original vision. It’s called editing, and that is the most important part of being a writer.

So, today, I’ll be strong and proceed forward with my original vision.

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