The Importance of Blogging

It’s been suggested that Facebook is the gateway for businesses and writers to gain notice from the public, while Twitter and social media are where people connect to who you really personally are.  For writers, it has been specifically suggested to blog, as I am doing here.  But we get it wrong.  The purpose for blogging is to reveal ourselves to the public, a little bit each day.

Since we live in a digital age, with information filling our lives 24/7, readers are less interested in just our product and more in the process of how we create our product.  For instance, on the Science Channel, their is a show called “How Things are Made.”  On the History Channel, there is Modern Marvels.  There are many shows like that.

So, as writers, we need to reveal a little bit about ourselves and how me create our product every day.  But most writers don’t do that.  Why not?

Well, I think it’s because most writers are afraid to reveal themselves.  Maybe they don’t really understand how they come up with their characters and their stories.  Maybe they don’t understand their plots.  Or maybe they’re afraid that who they are will be less interesting that what they’ve written.  (It’s also true that most writers are more introverted than extroverted.  It essence, we’re shy.)

But that’s what advertising is all about, revelation.  You reveal yourself to the world.  You reveal your product to the world.

The great writers of the 19th and early 20th centuries said, “Everything you want to know about me you’ll find in my writings.  Know my writings and you’ll know me.”

But nowadays, people want more.

So, for those hundreds and thousands of writers out there, writers with blogs that aren’t gaining them much of an audience, I’ll take the lead.  I’ll talk about myself and my process.

“When I was a little kid, my parents gave me the greatest toy, the greatest gift, they ever gave me.  They gave me a basic Lego set.  I’m not talking about the Lego sets today that are engineered to build castles and dinosaurs and Star Wars spaceships.  No, I’m talking about the basic set with single-peg blocks, two-peg blocks, four-peg, six-peg and eight-peg blocks, as well as long sixteen-peg and twenty-peg blocks.  Blocks that were black, gray, blue, yellow, white and red.

The good kind of blocks, one’s that inspired then imagination.

With these blocks, my imagination went wild.  I interchanged the blocks, creating the interiors of space ships, as well the spaceships themselves.  I built four Constellation-class starships from Star Trek.  They were square, more like something from the Bizarro World in DC’s Superman comics.  Or you could even imagine them as precursors to the Borg cubes.

I also built harvesters and tractors, cars and trucks, submarines (some modeled after the small submarines from the Japanese animated series Marine Boy, from the late 1960s).  I even built jet fighters and tanks.  And occasionally, Klingon battlecruisers.

My imagination went wild with these toys.  Figuring out the designs of these models with square and rectangular bricks was even more fun than playing with them.  And I’m sure the problem solving skills I developed while building and playing with my Lego blocks help me today when I’m mentally developing worlds for the stories I write, as well as helping with developing my characters.”

So here’s my sharing and part of my process for today.  Remember, all my fellow writers and bloggers out there (my peers), it’s not just important to share part of your process, but you have to share a little everyday.  Skip a few days and your viewers might drift away.

It might take time for us to build a following, but better to start now than drift here and there and have any potential audience drift along, too.  Personally, I promise to try to share a bit everyday, from now on.

We’ll see what happens.

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