Writing a blog is difficult for almost everyone.  It’s not always the title or the subject matter, or even the tag lines that make it difficult.  Nor is it the grammar or the sentence structure.  And it’s not even always getting the main themes for each paragraph correct, though all these things mentioned are difficult enough at times.

Nor is confronting a blank–which has always been the bane of every writer–the biggest challenge.  However, there are times when you want to say something pithy, something important and worthwhile, something everlasting and you have nothing to say.  That’s the real kick in the ass.

No, the greatest challenges are time and your emotional state.  You can’t just use your blog to cry out your sorrows, as I’ve done a few times here.  That can be self-validating for you.  Everyone suffers sorrow and pain, regret and anger, and all the other emotions that paralyze and cripple humans.  And after awhile, if that’s all you’re writing about, it becomes trite, tedious, boring, and melodramatic.  And how much melodrama do you want to read before you want to vomit it up and throw it all out a window–preferably one from a couple of hundred feet up!

So, I said the greatest challenges are time and your emotional state.  I’ve covered the emotional part, but what about time?  That’s the greatest challenge to any author, to all authors, to every writer.

If you’re like me, writing fiction as well as a blog, if you have to decide which you’re going to do.  You can’t sit in front of your computer 24/7.  If you do, you’ll become more than just a couch potato, you’ll become a blog blob.

I’m an active person.  I don’t want to become a blog blob.  I like to run, some.  In the winter months, I like to rock climb.  I pick the winter because that’s when the rattlesnakes are sleeping.  Little chance of getting bit when the snakes are deep down in a squirrel’s hole spending the winter watching football and basketball on their Smartphones.

I also walk the hills and sprint up some that are three hundred feet to seven hundred or more feet tall.  It’s my winter work out.  And there are leaves to rake, bushes to trim, all the yard chores you do in the winter.

There’s so much to do.  And among the things to do, as a writer, is to get out there and observe the world.  As a writer, you have to watch people.  You have to watch the way they walk, the way they stand, the colors they choose to wear.  You have to listen to how they talk, especially the way they talk to different people in their lives.  Are they cranky to everyone?  Are they always angry?  Do they laugh, and if so, how do they laugh?  Are they cold to strangers or just to family members?  What do they say and how do they say it?

What’s their body language like?  What expressions do they carry on their faces?  Do they always smile the same way?  (Nobody always laughs or smiles the same way.}  When they talk do they talk a lot with their hands?  Are their arms and shoulders active, or do they just stand with their arms at their sides, in a noncommital way (like Oliver Queen does in the Arrow TV series)?

And as a writer, you have to watch movies and TV shows to see how they were written, for writers do write movies and TV shows.  The same applies to plays.

And books.  How do your favorite writes write?  What can you learn from them?  Do you want to learn from them?

You can see there’s a lot more to being a writer or a blogger than most people usually think about.

And, not all posts in a blog are great.  In fact, few are.  I might have one or two fairly good posts here.  Most of them are average.  And many are probably mediocre.   There’s nothing I can do about that; I’m doing the best I can.

Like everyone else.


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