The title of this post could just as easily be “How We Are Lied To”.   For instance, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  However, I have no problem with people being conspiracy theorists.  One of my grown nephews is one.  And so are some of my friends.  While I don’t believe in conspiracies, sometimes they exist.

Take the California energy shortage of 2000.  People told me how the government or the military or the media or the power companies were behind it.  I thought all these conspiracies were full of horse manure.  But it turns the conspiracy theorists (I’m going to call them the CPs) were right.  They were wrong about the media, the government, and the military being behind it.  Yet they were right about power companies, especially Enron, who started the whole thing just to get richer more quickly.

Now we jump ahead to global warming.  This has less or even little to do with the CPs.

I firmly believe and know that mankind is responsible for artificially enhancing global warming.  Global warming is something that naturally happens between the Ice Ages.  The last Ice Age was somewhere around 12,000 years ago.  We should be well along our way into the next Ice Age.  In  fact, the Earth began about the Ninth or Tenth centuries of the Common Era.  (For those of you who don’t know, Common Era has replaced Anno Domini–the Year of our Lord–as the Politically Correct designation for what year and century we are in, world wide.)

So, as I stated, I know that mankind’s responsible for the current global warming.  And as bad as that will be, it ain’t as bad as another ice age, when less than thirty percent of the world’s surface was arable.

That’s not so bad, people tell me when I mention it.  They say things like, “Probably less than 30 percent of the Earth’s surface is farmable now.”  It’s actually much more than that.  They also say things like: “We could grow most of our food indoors.  Or underground.”  The energy and resources needed are tremendous.  And some say, “We could easily shove seven or eight or ten billion people onto thirty percent of the Earth’s surface.”  Yeah, but where would we get the food?  They usually forget to consider that.  And, besides, the world’s cities are growing more crowded every day.  Why would anyone want to live in such a crowded world, with less than a third of the current surface to live on?

Why do I believe in man-made global warming?  Well, for one thing look what mankind did to the ozone layer (which is slowly recovering).  We literally blew holes in the ozone layer over the South and North poles.  And we did this by not researching what was the safest propellants to use in aerosol cans.

Now, how foolish is that?

I often tell people that we better hope that humanity is responsible for the current global warming (which, on the up side, may keep us from another ten to twenty thousand-year ice age), because if we’re not the cause, if it’s God, or some natural terrestrial action, or something to do with the Sun, then we’re screwed.  We can change our effect on the atmosphere, but taking on the world or the universe, or God, is well beyond our capabilities.

Now, as to why global warming might be false?  In my opinion, it’s happening.  But lately, I read and hear from climate scientists how the atmosphere of Venus is a good example of global warming gone wild.  That Venus’ atmosphere may have been at some time similar to ours.  That’s utter and complete bullshit!

The reason Venus’ atmosphere is about 900 degrees Fahrenheit, or 500 degrees Celsius, is because Venus as no magnetic field like Earth does.  Venus’ rotation is only a few miles an hour while the Earth rotates at 1000 miles per hour.  Earth’s rapid rotation causes Earth’s nickel and iron core to spin, creating a vast magnetic field around the Earth.  Without a magnetic field, Venus is exposed to the Sun’s full fury, including the solar wind.  It’s blasted by solar radiation that superheats its atmosphere.  It’s been that way for billions of years.  It never had an atmosphere or climate similar to Earth’s.

Climatologists who claim that Venus’ atmosphere is a perfect example of global warming gone wild are either lying to us or plainly don’t know any better.  Either way, it’s on them, not us.  But if we  believe that hooey, then it is on us.

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