What not to write about in fiction.

I spent an hour trying to write about not writing about politics in your fiction.  It can kill any potential readers’s desire to read your stories.  That’s all you need to know.  Politics are a killer and it can kill your future as a writer, if you’re not careful.

I spent an hour writing about that until I realized I felt like I was wading through a five-foot deep shit hole.  So I trashed it.

Again, if you’re writing adventure stories, historical adventures or romances, action thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, westerns or main stream literature, unless your story is a political thriller, and even then, keep your personal politics out of it.  I’ve known quite a few frustrated writers without followers and fans, both in mainstream and  in E-publishing, because of they put their strong political viewpoints into their stories.

Give us good stories, with good characters and honest emotions.  Give us good conflict.  Give us joy and sorrow, life and death, emotional moments that bring the house down, and quiet, kind, loving moments that make us weep.  Give us characters who are villains who lose the day and some villains who become heroes and win.  And give us some heroes who lose, but in doing so win victories for others.

And keep your personal politics out it.

It’s hard.  Do the best you can.  Give us what we want and we’ll give you what we can in return.

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