What I don’t write about.

I don’t write about politics in my novels.  At least, not too much.  I write about military personnel in a science fiction setting a few hundred years into the future.  Soldiers tend to disregard politics, except for the politics in own units and forces.  They’re more interested in getting the mission done and surviving that mission rather than who’s running for what office.

There are some political agendas that soldiers have, and then usually only owned by officers.  These political agendas often have to do with promotions and positions.  The men and women in our current military, and hopefully in the far future, are more concerned with every day tasks.

In some respects, politics is even more destructive than war.

Political parties are more concerned about winning at any cost, even the harmony of the country.  They pit people against each war.  They make them believe in lies about themselves and others.  Respect, integrity, honor, justice, compassion and kindness, goodness, the common good, those are just buzz words for them.  Use them to magnify a speech.  Use them to conquer your opponent.  Divide the enemy (the other party) and conquer them.  Tear the people and the country apart.

And after the election?  Well, the fighting continues–it’s never over with.  Don’t let the people reunite but keep them divided.  There’s always another election on the horizon, so keep the people apart.  You can’t win if they’re united.

You can’t win a war that way.  A disorganized army, one full animosity for itself, is an easy target.

No, I only briefly touch such things in my stories.  In a new novel I completed a few months ago, entitled “Chaos Company”, my hero, a sergeant in the InterStellar Marines, is assigned to work with an Intelligence major who’s only concerned about promotions.  He the sergeant wondering what’s going on while he seeks to capture two alien soldiers alive, for interrogation and vivisection.  This major is willing to sacrifice the sergeant and his Marines for the greater glory of the his agenda.  And he almost succeeds in killing these Marines,

That’s about as much politics as I’m willing to write about.



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