Image that.

Albert Einstein once said that imagination is the greatest force in the universe.  I’d add to his statement that inspiration runs the wheels that drive imagination.

Inspiration and imagination are essential to all writing, to all stories, all inventions, to anything and everything you can possibly imagine.

I have found that inspiration and imagination are born in childhood, and with careful consideration, can continue into adulthood.

I don’t remember when i first began using my imagination.  I know before I entered kindergarten that I used little painted building blocks for all sort of things.  I drove little red blocks across the floor as a four-year old, imagining that each block was a car on road.  Some blocks were pickup trucks, some family cars with families like mine, with mommies and daddies and brothers and sisters, and even little babies.

Six or seven years later, those same red block became hand phasers after Star Trek came on TV.  The little blue blocks, half the size of the red blocks, were communicators.  Little green blocks, the size of a grownup’s thumb, became the little medical readout devices that Dr. McCoy used.  And the yellow blocks, twice the size or more of the red blocks, were tricorders.

I added the sound effects for each of the blocks.

But before Star Trek, and after using them as cars, the blocks were other things.  Four long yellow blocks, laid together and set on top of the linoleum floor became the outer deck of a World War 2 submarine, with blue and red blocks forming the submarine’s conning tower.

Every object that I could find became something else.  Trees were especially good for that.  The branches of trees became the room and cabins on submarines and spaceships.  These branches could also be the flight decks and cargo bays and bomb bays of B-17s and airliners.  They could also be train cars or locations on ships, both modern ships and old wooden ships.

And boxes!  Boxes could be anything and everything that trees were and more.  Boxes could be beds, mini-subs, Mercury space capsules, cars, teeny-tiny homes.  You name, they became it.

Life was so much more fun as a kid back then.  Your imagination made everything real.

I even stood in trees as a kid and did terrible imitations of Tarzan yells.  I’d still climb trees today if I could get my prius-sized butt safely into one.

The important thing is, I still have inspiration and imagination.  That’s what counts.

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