What I write about.

I write military science fiction adventures. Why do I write about the military? Because there’s a purity and honesty about soldiers and Marines, sailors and airmen and astronauts. The mission is most important to them, but so are their friends. The men and women standing beside them in war and peace, those are their closest brothers and sisters.

Their cause is clear for them. The reasons various men and women enter the military may vary, from patriotism, to finding a purpose in life, or getting a second chance at making good, or just running away from their pasts, and many, many other reasons. They’re just as human as anyone else and their stories are just as interesting.

And make no mistake about it, all fiction is about people. If your characters are animals but you give them human characteristics, you’re writing about people. If your characters are machines, robots, computer programs or aliens but you think of them as people and give them human characteristics, then they’re human. They might be wearing different costumes but they’re still people.

I try to make my characters as interesting and human as possible.

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